Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I See Offline People

The new Facebook chat / sidebar sucks.

It first appeared on Sunday 17th of July, and it just might be the biggest reason yet for Facebook users to switch to another social network, even if just for chat.

Here's the deal: The new chat, according to Facebook developers, is a 'Faster way to message.' It has a 'sidebar' which, if opened, hogs up screen space, as the page is shifted the left to accommodate it. It is supposed to show you a list of the friends you interact with the most, or interacted with recently. And oh, you can't scroll down.

The worst way to message?
You can't scroll down.

It displays friends which Facebook thinks you interact with the most. And the number of friends displayed depends on the screen size - I can see 19 friends on my 1366 x 768 resolution.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to: move your blog to a custom domain

Difficulty: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour (approx)
Cost: 10 US$ (approx)

This is for all users who are on blogger, and wish to migrate to their own domain.

For example, I used to have the blogspot domain syzygial-scorpius.blogspot.com but now it is mayankmrug.com.

Understand what we are doing here, that is, the blog and all the content is still hosted by blogger, but we now have our own name to get to the site instead of something.blogspot.com.

The first step would be to register your own custom domain, which can cost around 5 to 20 US $ per year.

Google itself does give an option to register a domain through a Google partner for 10 US $ per year, alongwith a free subscription to Google Apps.

Buy a domain for your blog through Google (under Settings->Basic)
If you do not want to try Google's partner (I did not) you can register through the variety of web hosting providers available. I did it through Netfirms who had a sale on domain names so it cost me 4.95 US $ with Domain Privacy for free. Domain Privacy basically means that, if you try to find out who is the owner of this domain by doing a WHO IS search, you will not be able to.