Monday, February 15, 2016

Strange Promise

Here's a little song I wrote a few years back. It was a very personal song and hence I never shared it in the public domain, until now.


(Verse 1)

So Strange..
Was when i first met you

So crazy..
Do you remember that day?

So beautiful..
You looked back and smiled

So long
Did we take to realize


That we 
That we should just
Give it a try

That we
That we were so
madly in love


So strange
So strange
Was your promise

We'll always be 
No matter what

(Verse 2)

We were happy
But just for a while

We lived
In an illusionary world

We tried
Tried to make it work

But then
You just gave up

(Pre-chorus 2 )

We were naive
Made stupid mistakes

You forgived..
But it was etched in to my memory

(Chorus 2 )

In the end
You regret
The day that we first met

Though I
Still cherish
All the good times
that we had

So strange
was your promise

We'll always be
No matter what



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