About Me

Who am I, you ask?

I am the creator of this site. I am the reason you are reading this right now, for if I hadn't written it, you would be spending your time doing something else, which might have been as useless as reading this section of the website, or you might have been saving the world.

Name: Mayank Mrug (a.k.a. Syzygial Scorpius)
Occupation: Student Business Analyst / Programmer / Landscape Photographer / Video Gamer
Career Interests: Software Development, Web Development, Systems Design & Development

Facebook page: Mayank Mrug Photography
500px: Mayank Mrug

Contact Me at :


or at mayank.mrug@gmail.com

Why am I also known as Syzygial Scorpius?

Because I choose to be known so. We don't really get a chance to choose our own name at birth, but if I had the option to name myself at birth, I would have named myself as Syzygial Scorpius.

Why choose this name and not something else?

One definition of Syzygy is : 'The alignment of any three objects within the solar system'. 
Orion's belt is a group of 3 stars in the constellation which are almost in a straight line.
Orion is also my favorite constellation in the night sky, along with Scorpio.
Scorpio is my zodiac sign.
Hence, Syzygial Scorpius , and Orion's Belt. 


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