Orion's Belt


I can't sleep.

I've found that I can't sleep until I exhaust myself. I can remain awake till 10 am. On a weekday.

Part of my insomnia maybe caused by the fact that I wake up late, and considering the fact that I have my summer holidays going on, I find it hard to wake up early.

And I can't sleep when there is any noise. I find it hard to concentrate on my sleep if there is any noise.
And I can't sleep when my feet aren't covered by a sheet. I guess it is due to the human need to feel protected, which may have been since prehistoric times.

I have to be mentally exhausted. Otherwise while I try to sleep, my brain just keeps thinking. And thinking. About random stuff. About stuff that I don't want to think. If I go to sleep thinking this stuff, I get nightmares. And if I tell my brain not to think that stuff, it doesn't really work. I scream at my brain, "Go to sleep!" and it just replies, "No." Sigh.

Which is why I prefer not to even try to sleep early. I have found that I am most productive between 12 am and 4 am.
My productivity at different times of the day

I wish I could be more like Jughead, who could sleep almost anywhere, any time of the day. I lack this innate ability to doze off like that, and envy anyone who fall off to sleep as soon as they lie down.
Jughead, doing what he does (second) best.
I think I'd go back to reading Archies for now.

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  1. i have the same problme exacttly same lol always i slp at abt 7 am i hv stayed awake 2 3 days without sleepin at all but still same i cant slp early dont knw y lol