Orion's Belt

Life's too short

Life's too short:
  • To remain angry at people
  • To feel sorry for yourself
  • To do something you don't want to do
  • To make a stubborn person understand your point of view
  • To cry over losing someone who didn't love you
  • To talk behind people's backs
  • To complain about how pathetic things are, without doing anything about it
  • To repeat the same mistake all over again
  • To have regrets
  • To spend time with people who don't appreciate you for who you are
  • To control your laughter
  • To miss opportunities
  • To safely remove the USB drive

Life's never too short: 
  • To have a cup of coffee
  • To play like you're a child
  • To start doing things you've always wanted to do
  • To catch up with an old friend
  • To sit and do nothing for a while
  • To read
  • To cry over losing a loved one
  • To look at the stars
  • To smile at sunshine, enjoy the rain, and cuddle in the cold
  • To have an interesting conversation with someone you just met
  • To admire the ocean
  • To listen to good music
  • To paint, write, sing, or play an instrument, as a way of expressing yourself
  • To share what you learnt
  • To have a good night's rest
  • To spend time with your family
  • To have time for yourself
  • To watch a sunset
  • To have a long kiss
  • To watch something inspirational
  • To learn something new

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