Orion's Belt

Note to Future Self - 01

To future me,

Here's a note that you need to read, because you wrote it. You wrote with only one purpose in mind - to remind yourself of a few things that you should never forget, because these things have shaped your life in some way or the other, and irrespective of whether they are good or bad, these are things that that have taught you valuable lessons.

You are alone. You're not the only one who's alone. We are all alone, in spite of our company, and in spite of the fact that we may not be lonely all the time, we are essentially and finally, alone.

You have learnt to be happy alone, and you do not need to look into the hearts and minds of others for your own happiness. It can only be found within yourself, so do not think that you need someone in order to be happy, because you know that there have been many a times that you have been happy even when you were completely alone, and this should serve as a reminder in case you ever forget that.

Don't hold on to the anger. It seeps like poison through our veins, corrupting our minds. Let it go. Forgive him for being selfish. Forgive her for being superficial. Forgive him for being the center of his own universe. Forgive her for loving him. Forgive him for breaking your code. Forgive her for breaking your heart. Forgive her for leaving, and forgive her for staying. Forgive her for never replying, and for leaving you wondering what you did wrong, because holding on to the hurt is only going to hold you back. Forgive her for all the lies; remember her for all the goodbyes. Remember that you have loved, and that you have been loved. Forgive her for not loving you anymore, because you needed to learn to love yourself first. Love yourself even more, because if you cannot love and respect yourself, then you cannot gain the love and respect of others. Forgive her for loving herself, and for loving others, because she can. Forgive yourself, too, for doing things you should have never done. Unless you have learnt to turn back time in the future, forgive yourself. You made a mistake. So did everyone else. Forgive, but do not forget, because each memory is a valuable lesson.

You know what you need to do. You know what action you need to take. You know where you want to end up, and for every step that you take on this journey, you will reach one step closer. It may be a long road ahead, or you may be inches away, but don't stop. Take a deep breath, focus, and charge ahead.

You don't need to be nervous. You don't need to be afraid. You will not always be happy, and there will be times when you are sad, lonely, and upset, but makes you appreciate the times you are happy and with good company. Cultivate your own company, because you will never really be lonely when you have your own company. Enjoy spending time with family and friends, because they will always be there for you. Cultivate fulfilling relationships, and be there for the people who count on you. You may be independent and you may think that you never need the help of others but not everyone is the same. But don't expect anything in return, because that would be selfish.

Communicate. Don't hold things inside your head and inside your heart; don't expect people to simply understand you without the need for words. If you expect that then you will be severely disappointed. You need to express yourself.

Play music. Celebrate the despair. Cherish the silence. Go out. Keep reading. Talk. Don't just talk - communicate. Write. Compose. Think.


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