Orion's Belt

The Lost Soul

The worst part about falling in love is falling out of love.

Different people have different ways to fall out of love, however. Some people wake up one day realizing that their partner is not good enough. Some people fall in love with someone else, so they fall out of love with the previous person.

It sucks, of course, for the partner, in such a situation. Results in heart break. Paramedics rush to the spot.

Dealing with heart break? Different people, different ways. Like ignoring the person. Or listening to sad songs till you start crying. Talking to friends. Or punching a hole in the wall.

I just came across the saddest way of coping with heart break. One of my friends, I shall call him LS (not Low Standard. This goes for all you people, including you, RV, who assumed LS to stand for Low Standard. LS actually stands for Lost Soul..) , updated his status after a break up. And kept updating it. It's really heart-wrenching to see this poor guy spill his heart out on facebook. Brings out a lot of tears, to say the least. Here's a few of his statuses, in chronological order:
**zindagi ki talash me hum maut k kitne paas aagaye** (Iv'e come so close to death while searching for life)

**SaNtA tOOk aWaY My LyF** (On Christmas)

"SuMbOdY pLz GiFt Me DeAth..I bEg"
Evrything has died within me

 "LoSt My SOuL.."
Me: did u try to google search it? :/ 

Y did U Break My heart..Y did u fall in luv..Y did U go Away???


 ItS KiLLeD..LeT D SoUl ReSt In PeAcE......................

Tu Mera Dil Tu Meri Jaan..I LOVE U ****.. It Took Me 3Years 2 love..It wil take me 3births 2 4get.. Tu Jahan Rahe Tu Salamat rahe.. I ReALLy ReALLy MISS U...PLZ CUM BAC WHEREVER U R......................

 I SaCrIfIcEd My SmILe 2 cu SmIle..bCoZ Ur In My EyEs!!!


LoSt EvErYthIn 2DaY...I GifTeD My HapPiNeSS My SmIle...In ReTuRn TuK AwAy aLL D TeArS..I HaTe CuPiD!!!!!!!! (on VDay)

And The latest: he found out his death time from a fb app:
I analyzed and found out my death time!
I will die at an age of 43 years! The cause of my death is Die from taking Fish food!! The exact time of my death is Monday, May 17 of 2032 at 12:29 AM!! It is very scary!!
LS: plz make it evn fast...im fed up!!!!!!!!!
       soul is already dead..let d body rest in peace soon!!!!

       im veg...so substitue fish wid paneer bcoz paneer is my fav.. (!)

Ok i was kidding, this is nowhere near sad. I've got nothing against him, but I would be doing him gross injustice by not spreading his tale of loss (:P) 

Note: If you, LS, are reading this, please, for God's sake, stop writing such stuff. They make people want to puke. We all know how much you mean it.

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