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PM: wat a lame blog!!!!!!!!!
Me: !@#$

Oh, let me introduce the Peeved Mythomaniac (PM). Yes, Mythomaniac is a word, and it does suit him, as he does have a tendency to lie or exaggerate the truth. Peeved, 'cause he appears so in this post, even though on normal days he is irritating himself, and proud of it, too.

So this is my sixth blog post. And I realize that my blog has no specific theme to it, apart from me ranting about stuff, or a few chats. And it doesn't serve much purpose, too, apart from Me, as a writer, expressing my creativity in an outlet that grants me some audience. And a few laughs to the readers, I hope. And while I say that there is no theme to it, there is some consistency: the sarcasm. Most of my posts have a large amount of satire, and if you can't understand it, then you need a quick sarcasm-check.

So let me continue the chat with PM about my last blog on Pastafarianism :

PM: wat a lame blog!!!!!!!!!
Me: !@#$ lame??????? :P
       wht else do u expect it to be about??? a love story???
PM: ofcourse not..but den..dis one's pretty lame..n uninterestin

Me: :| Its abt ATHEISM and GOD!!! and CLICK on the links.
PM: who gives a damn about atheism n god
       as if dere arnt enough topics worth givin a thought abt in da world
       newys yr blog...so u can do watevr u feel lyk...aur bata
Me: hmm.. atleast dis makes you aware of the FSM.
PM: as if it matters..
ME: it does.
PM: n how?
Me: in this age, if u arent aware of His Noodliness, you are ignorant.
PM: how does it matter?
Me: it does, as depending on whether u worship the FSM, u will go to pasta heaven or noodle hell.
PM: wat crap
       mayank.. u've lost it!!!
Me: its not crap, its the truth!
PM: y b concernd abt whedr u'll land up in sum stupid pasta heavn or sum noodle hell...
       wen u hav a lifelong to live
Me: cuz there are beer volcanoes and strippers in heaven.
       and we dont have lifelong to live if we dont live a long life.
       and we wont live a long life unless we embrace some religion or the other.
Me: ofcourse not.
        i just had noodles. i cant lose anything. :D
        His Noodliness has filled my brain with a pure pasta sauce.

Ok, so this chat isin't really funny. Apart from the fact that the PM thought I was serious. But the critical reaction was worth mentioning.

And here's what PP had to say about the same:
Me: u didnt understand?? :/
PP : i didnt...most of it
Me: :| which part???
PP : well literally the beginning is not clear to me till i reach the end
Me: :|
Here's excerpts from another chat, with a Naive Schoolgirl:
(note: she is not being sarcastic. it appears that she didn't grasp the nature of the post Google It! line "which has a flying motorcycle as the first prize.")

NS: vryy funny mayankk
       motor cycle flies or wht
Me: they dont?? :O
NS: of crse nt
Me: havent u ever seen a flying motor cycle???
NS: noooooooooooooooo
Me :O
       whr have u been???
NS: on earth
Me: apple invented a flying motorcycle!!
NS: u knw whts motor cycle na
       hw can it fly?
Believe me, I had to explain to her the concept of sarcasm.

Funnily enough, The Elusive Poet has been the favorite post out of the first 4, and  I would like to thank all those involved in making that happen (i.e. just EP) and thanks to the rest of the cast for the inspiration for the rest of the blog. And no, this is not sarcasm.

Apparently we have 4 Jack Sparrows running around, and no Pastafarian yet. Guess people are yet to come out of the closet. Ahoy there, Mateys!

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