Orion's Belt


So here i was, chatting as usual. My way of interacting with people who seem like a billion miles away. Using :D and :P every other second. And i ask the one i'm chatting with, lets call her 'R', what she would like to achieve this year. One of her answers: To write a new blog. Now that gets me thinking. She already has one?? oh boy.

Over the week, I read many blogs. Well around 6-7 atleast, which i consider to be many, seeing as how less often i read blogs 'cause i keep myself busy wasting my time doing nothing productive to the naked eye. (Don't go looking for a microscope right now, measuring my productivity will count as a loss in yours.)

So here i am, doing something productive, something creative. Writing my first post.

I told another friend, lets call her Random Variable (RV for short), that i'm writing a blog.

Her first question: 'It's about?'

Stumped. Is a blog supposed to be about something? :O

Me: nothing specific :P
thinking of a url rit now

RV: name it nothing specific


Yes, writing a blog means you have to name it. And i have a fascination for fancy names, so it took me time to come up with something that i liked. Hope you, as a reader, like it too.

So RV got me started on thinking of the content. I find someone else online (lets call her P) and i tell her about my intentions to blog.

P: what'll u begin with?

Me: blogging

P: errr... topic?


P: ohh now i get it!

Me: :D

And so i start this journey of blogging (like a noob, as my friend Slayer would put it) with no idea of where i'm going.

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