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You must have noticed a 'Cast' section on this blog. Over there, in the column on your right. Just below the 'About Me' Section. Yea, that one. It consists of a few of the people I interact with, and whose recent interactions with me are worth mentioning. These are real people in my life, and chances are, if you're reading this blog, you know some of them.

One such person is the EP (short for Elusive Poet).

Now if you're wondering whether the nicknames I have given (yes, they are nicknames, and there is no such person named Elusive in my life. Who the hell would name their child Elusive?) have any relevancy to the actual person, then the answer is yes.
So here's a poem by the Elusive Poet and myself, which was unintentionally and accidentally scripted in chat, and intentionally and unaccidentally copied in blog:

An Exclusive Poem from The Elusive Poet (and another clown)
EP: :O ah thou wrung my heart, oh heartless
Me: aaah!! a poem frm the EP!!!
EP: i expected thee to disagree n assure me m a gr8 poetess :(
Me: *fled
EP: apparently this poem turned out to be a real mess
      thee left me in gr8 distress :'(
Me: dont give me stress :P
EP: i cn do whtevr i like m a princess >:(
Me: oh stop behaving like a kid ur highness! :D
EP: this is no way to woo or impress! :O :D
Me: arent we a lil bit offtrack, digress?
EP: atleast u dint call me an ogress :(
Me: now that wud have resulted in bloodiness!!
EP: enough of our foolishness :D
Me: seemed to me like The EP's classiness 8-) <3
EP: *flutters eyelashes n caresses a tress <3
Me: ah, the possibilities in my heart are limitless! <3
EP: ahh poor poor me is now wordless :(

Me: then let me free you out of ur wordlessness :P
       so let go ur stress
       and accept my sincereness
       lets end dis silliness!
EP: u taught me humbleness
      evryone cn be an elusive poet or poetess :(
      wht bout my uniqueness?
Me: you forgot ur elusiveness!
       it was just my resourcefulness...
       that lent me such words with rapidness
       If it werent't for google, i'd be helpless!! :)
EP:  u have made me so helpless
Me: hehe
       ok lets end it at that 
So now you know, EP is really a poet. And this is her picture:

Well not really, it's not her's, I made that up. Did you forget what 'E' in EP stands for? Elusive. So I have never been able to take a picture, as she always eludes me. The above image looks more like a middle-aged LOis Lane.  Yeah, LO-L.

© Elusive Poet And Syzygial Scorpius Creations, All Rights Reserved.
You are not allowed to copy this poem without permission. You are, however allowed to tell other people about this blog, and spam this site's address on their scrapbook, wall, e-mail, or coffee. But make sure the coffee is not decaf.  Don't Plagiarize other people's work, and give  us credit if you do mention it to someone.

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