Orion's Belt

Google It!

EP: apparently scorpius killed orion or sumthng

Me: :O
       whr did u get that info?

EP: google

Yeah, Google. The answer to all of life's mysteries. And i mean ALL. From 'How did life start' to 'How to destroy life', from Acidic acid to Zinger Burger, Quarks to Quasars.

I should, at this point, introduce EP. Short for Elusive Poet. It was the poet who triggered my blogging, actually, by pointing me towards several of those 6-7 blogs i read in the past week. And it was the poet who linked me towards RD's blog which acted as a catalyst in making me write my own. So all hate mails should be forwarded to RD. (RD = Rebellious Doodler = 'R' in the first post). So The EP is.. well read, intelligent, witty, and also elusive and a good poet.

Face it, the first time you heard the word Syzygial, you must have googled it. You would have found it's meaning, along with it's root word: Syzygy. And if you haven't, you should. It doesn't cost anything you know..

Want to learn a new instrument? Google it. Pick up a new recipe? Google it. Build your own black hole? Google it. Or click here. (WTF?!!)

Frankly, most people would be surprised by what google can do for them. And what services google offers. Like Google Sites , Google Insights , Docs , etc. But the irony is, the most widely visited site is in fact the least complicated, least cluttered. And it doesn't even have it's own content. It uses other sites to supply the answers! (notably, YouTube, Wikipedia and Answers.com)

"Which guitar does Eric Clapton play?"
"Google it."

"What's the speed of light?"
"Google it."

"How do i kill an ant?"
"Google it."

"What's this stupid Error 404 on my internet explorer?"
"Google it."

"How do i clear this level of The Legend of Zelda?"
"Google it."

"How to tie a tie?"
"Ask Google."

"Which is the only king in a modern standard pack of cards that doesn't have a moustache?"

"Should i break up with my girlfriend?"
"Google knows the answer."
(Indeed, google does know it seems, 
as this search generated about 14,100,000 results).

"What should i eat for breakfast today?"
"Did you try googling?"
"No, is it some kind of a cheeseling?"

"When will i die?"
"Don't worry, Google will warn you beforehand. Didn't you check deathclock yet??"

"Who is the guy who invented Google?"
"Just F****** GOOGLE IT!"

"Google mata ki jai!" (as RD would put it!)

Ofcourse, there are other search engines too, like Yahoo! and Bing. But "Google It" sounds much cooler than "Yahoo it" or "Bing it". 
I would like it if you used google. I will hate you forever if you use any other search engine, but if you use google once everyday you will certainly go to heaven. And if you stop other people from using any other search engine, you will also get a chance to take part in the heavenly lucky draw on your way to heaven, which has a flying motorcycle as the first prize.
LOL. Ofcourse i was kidding. Motorcycles don't fly. The first prize is a normal 180 cc bike.


  1. Your right Syzygial Scorpius. Even the home page of my browser is....yes, you know it ....GOOGLE.

  2. Oh yeah! Google mata ki jai! :D