Orion's Belt


My name is Syzygial Scorpius, and I am not a pirate.

I do not commit acts of robbery. Or criminal violence. And especially not in any sea / ocean / water body. Or their shores. And neither do i illegally download copyright Software / music / games / movies / TV shows / E-Books / Groceries / T-shirts from the internet.

Definitely not Groceries.

After all, why on earth would I want to download readily available content for free, when I can easily pay for it and download? Better still, go to a shop and pay for it? And if they don't have it, then make them order it, and then wait for it? Why indeed? :-/
I love to pay $100 for original video games that I don't intend to play after 2 weeks. That is, if i don't throw them within 2 hours. I also enjoy renting DVDs, but I prefer to buy a copy for myself, too. I love that anti-piracy ad they have in each DVD, the one you can't skip. Click on this youtube link to see why I love it.

And I don't listen to songs, unless on the radio. With all the groceries, video games and DVD rentals, I can't really afford music albums too! So I end up singing and playing on my own, even if my roomies can't stand it.

And this picture confuses me. Comment, if u can explain what it tries to convey..

I keep having nightmares about this picture.

I believe that Piracy is immoral and unjust, as all of us should pay exactly what the entertainment industry demands us to, and if we can't afford it, we should stop enjoying Art and media, in all it's forms, i.e. music, films, and books. Even images shouldn't be spared, and we should be charged to visit our local museums and art shows to have a look at paintings. Wikipedia should also be banned, along with everything Wiki-related , as free content is just not acceptable!

Pirates are common people all around us, who do illegal activities such as downloading movies for free. Or a single song. They don't realize how much they are harming the Industry, which earns much more in a day than you could ever earn in a lifetime.

I am ashamed to admit I know a few pirates myself. One is the Subversive Sarcast (SS), who plans to overthrow the entire Entertainment Industry by downloading all there is to download. But don't tell anyone, it's a secret. And yes, if that plan doesn't work, he has a second weapon - his Sarcasm. And his idol is Jack Sparrow! :O


  1. Haha... I'm not a pirate.. but I love to play on private servers of wow :D(at least they don't force me to pay/donate).
    lol @ the piracy vid.